Sunday, August 14, 2011

Don't email me for photos. The answer is no.

Ahh, old home days.  Visiting family where no one allows you to steal their wifi.

I spent Wednesday evening in the Utahiest part of Utah with a bunch of old friends, some of whom have seen me quite naked.

If there ever was a bonus to friendship with me it's that I'm willing to go skinnydipping with you and not remark on how funny you look undressed.  Any one of them is free to tell me how I look naked as long as they lie to me.
This picnic was coincidental to that Facebook meme going about where you share memories of, "You know you're from PodunkTown when..."  None of us could get enough of that type of old fart reminiscing, trying to prove to each other that we were cool twenty years ago in our high school years.  Then we went on to compare ourselves to today's kids.  What a worthless lazy generation they are with their cell phones and their tweeting/twitting/twattering, their stupid looking pants and all that Katy Perry worship.  It's obnoxious is what it is.  Why, when we were their age our parents would have kicked our butts upside and down the other if we pulled what they'd pulled.  Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are not wholesome influences and that's saying something because we had grunge.

Shutup about the skinnydipping in my teenaged years.  I only did that five or six times in mixed company in the dark.  We always kept our hands and lips to ourselves, sort of.  Besides, it was a matter of hygiene and the building of valuable self esteem.  When everyone has seen and not pointed and laughed at your lopsided breasts you have to accept them. 
Though I didn't bother to undress my middle aged and stretchmarked body in front of everyone Wednesday, we did get around to comparing the size of our boobs.  Men and women.  I'm proud to say that I've matured some but they are still wonderfully uneven.  The rest of me is stands at the age we were when we met including making jokes about pee.

Sadly, I didn't get to tell the puke story this time.   Let the others have a turn.

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