Thursday, September 22, 2011

Missing Cat...answers to "Dammit!"

My cat is still missing.  We've done some searching and some calling and some desperate shaking of bags of cat treats and he's nowhere to be found.

I'm hoping he took a detour from his daily outside hour about the backyard, maybe to the strip club just a short walk away.  Yes, I live near a strip club.  I live a short walk away from everything in my border casino town.  I can walk to the grocery store, the baptist church, the Pizza Hut, a store that sells frilly underpants and the liquor store.  (Ever wonder why the bulk of our tourists come from Utah?)  Hear's to hoping my cat made a stop at the Arby's and is having trouble carrying back a sack of Arby's melts for the family.

Sob...Arby's meat is one of Booger's favorite treats!

Booger is near 12 years old.  He's getting old, thin, and cranky.  One of his eyeballs doesn't work properly.  He hurls a lot.  He's begun to spray my garage door which I clean off with bleach.  He kicks a pile of litter outside of the box and then poops on top of it, but before that, he meows loudly to announce he has to take a dump.  His breath smells fishy and he sticks his butt in my face when he wants me to scratch above his tail.

I may cry now. 

This animal loves me and I love him and I don't know where he is!

You know it's bad because I've turned down a free ticket to go see Lynyrd Skynyrd in concert tomorrow because I won't be good company.

No one needs me to break into sobs during Free Bird.


  1. I'm so sorry. Don't lose hope! My friend's cat went missing for MONTHS and they found him again!

  2. Awwhhhh, I hope he shows up. Afterall, you dont want some stranger scratching his lower back.


  3. Oh, so sorry to hear- though keep looking, he may turn up yet!! My Elwood disappeared last spring for about 3 weeks...and he's old, not street smart AT ALL and very picky in his food. He showed back up in the neighbors pine trees howling and skinny, but otherwise unscathed! If my dipshit Elwood can make it home, I'm sure your guy will!!
    PS -He's not bright enough to put litter OUT of the box to aim for/piss on.
    P.S.S. My aunt had a basset named Damnit, we loved that goofy dog!
    Hang in there!

  4. Awwwww that's sad. Hope you find him! I had a cat missing and was sure after a year a fox or car got him. We live in the country. I was heartsick my buddy was no where to be found. I posted on Craigslist, animal shelters, posted signs at the schools, post office, grocery stores, pet stores, called vets, lloked on pet finders, offered a reward, for MONTHS. Nothing. THEN 13 months later I heard that all too familiar wonderful MEOW of his. HE was BACK. I ran to him and cried. We think someone "captured him as their furry friend & kept him inside" and when he finally got the chance to get out, he ran home. He was HUNGRY, happy to see us, but fine. SO keep the faith~


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