Thursday, September 08, 2011

The Gee OH Pee!

Like others, I also completely blew off last night's Republican presidential debate.  Not on purpose.  We meant to watch and for no other reason than to raise our blood pressures, but we forgot and since it wasn't on network TV, our remote didn't make it towards the higher numbered news channels.

I apologize for my civic irresponsibility...was playing Sims Social.

Today I pieced together the best parts from news stories, video clips and satirical YouTubes and got the jist.  I can break this down for you.

Taxes bad.
Obama bad.
The other candidates bad.
Obamacare bad.
No jobs bad.
I created more jobs than you.
My skin's too dry and I need to apply more tanning oil.

If I were going to vote Republican in the next election no doubt I'd ponder on the issues with due diligence but I can't say that part of the consideration for my vote is which candidate might have the dorkiest "O" face.  These are the tangents that make our political processes interesting.

We'll start with the two homegrown candidates my local news is fond of pitting against one another.  I could see them together in the manliest wide stance sort of way, heh.

Oooh Mitt Romney!  Oooh!

Fetchin' Jon Huntsman Jr.  Cock that eyebrow, cock it!

Now let's lump the rest of the males together in one big bundle of American values.

Way to go Rick Perry!

You too Rick Santorum!

Herman Cain exaggerates.

Wake up Newt Gingrich!

Ron Paul's got vim and vigor.

Finally, the only source of estrogen a'runnin....

Michelle Bachmann is NOT exaggerating.

As I watch the President's job speech and finish up this post, I realize that I'm not very responsible in my civic duties with this post either, but it was fun wasn't it?  Now, if only someone would give me a job image searching Google, we'd have something.

No, you aren't paying my for photos of my  "O" face.  Besides, I don't take returns and won't provide you a refund.


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  1. I didn't watch it either but I did watch Obama's speech. Oh, wait, that was the next day. I guess I am just not ready yet to dive into the political silly season. You did find some winning photos.


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