Friday, September 02, 2011

Where is Samuel L. Jackson when you need him?

The dream I had last night started out well enough.  Excellent in fact.  Steamy.  My husband and I were not bored at all at the beginning of this dream. 

However, right before the dream would have culminated in any sort of satisfaction it morphed into something else.

I'd gone from this very nice place in my dream and bedroom to having my entire house infested by aggressive and poisonous snakes.  My children were camping out on top of kitchen counters.  My husband was cornering snakes, and I was hacking snakes to death with my kitchen knives, barely  avoiding bites that would kill me.  Scared out of my mind.

Just when I thought the snake slaughter was over, I saw one last snake, the smallest one of the bunch, slither into my laundry to hide.  Gently moving articles of clothing revealed that bastard, coiled, but I was faster and corralled it under a basket.

I held out my knife and moved the basket...

It lunged...

And at that moment, in real time waking life, my dumb gay cat jumped onto my chest...

Which instantly woke me up in the most heart attack sort of way.


I got back to sleep well enough and now that I've had time to think about it, I wonder what Freud would say about such a thing.  How does one go from hot times with the husband to hacking apart  mother-fuggin' snakes in my mother-fuggin' laundry, terrified?   What kind of phallic type inner meaning can we derive from this?

 Is my cat psychic?

If anyone knows the meaning of life while we're at it, that probably figures in there somewhere.


  1. OMG- Damn Cat, did you have to change your sheets?
    Spiders, now snakes...hmmm.

    I had a very similar dream about 3 weeks ago. My sister and I were trying to figure out the same thing...WTH was that about?!
    Good Luck!


  2. The cat maybe saved your life. It is possible that in your dream that last snake would have bit you and maybe you'd have had a real heart attack from that experience. So the cat woke you in time to avoid that. See, our cats do look out for us!

  3. Since things were steaming up w the hubbie before hand, could the snakes stand for his fishes swimming lookin for an egg??? Are you prego or thinking about it? I do like what Dick said about the cat saving you tho. They have a keen sense about them.

  4. Am I prego? Hope to god not! I got myself snipped!

  5. Our cats do look out for us! They are great pets!

  6. Not your hubby (I swear)!9/08/2011 11:29 AM

    They say snakes in your dreams represent your enemies and you will soon be confronted by adversary. The fact that you were able to kill all of them and protect your family means that you will strongly overcome anything that comes your way.

    I don't know about the steamy part, but I think it means your hubby wants a bj! But I don't know for sure. ;)


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