Friday, November 25, 2011

A brief interlude on Black Friday

I'm a bit miffed that someone upstairs at Google Inc. and all it's subsidiaries will no longer allow me to write posts on my phone anymore. 

Not that I did much before.  It's the principle of the thing.  My phone is not any way associated with Apple or Android and as such I cannot update you on my goings on during Thanksgiving away from home visiting family in the Utahiest location in Utah.

Left my laptop home.  Shuddup.

Ain't buying a smarter smartphone.  Shuddup about that too.  I happen to like my AT&T calling plan, a plan they no longer offer to all you texting and data-planning smart phone users.  My plan is minuscule and fits a lifestyle where I do not have my phone charged half the time.  It makes more sense to me to use the money I could have used on an Iphone on cat toys.

So, here I sit on my sister's computer, logged into my brother in law's account, cursing at their keyboard.  It makes loud clicking noises. 

My children are planning on sleeping over here this evening and this is fine by me.

However, my husband and I cannot take advantage of this because my parent's guest bed squeaks and my period started on Wednesday morning.

Aren't you glad I got on my sister's computer to post that?

Yeah, me too.

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  1. FYI You can upgrade your phone and ask them to grandfather your current plan to it. That's what my husband and I did when we switched from our old iPhones to our new Droids. Our plan isn't offered anymore either, but because we've had it for so long and weren't making any changes other than the phones they let us keep it. Wouldn't hurt to ask.....

    And you can get an iPhone for about $99 now.


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