Friday, November 04, 2011

I only took a half dose.

I feel pretty good.

I mean, I felt pretty lousy this morning, that is until I showered and a large garden slug oozed out of my right nostril.

If you could compare this relief on some sort of scale, I'd put my sense of relief just below the feeling of relief you have when you've pushed your last push and that baby has popped out of the birth canal.  You feel SO much better.  Where childbirth wins is that the baby is kinda cute and it smells good.  The nose slug was not cute nor did it smell good and I smooshed it down the tub drain with my toe.

But then there is that whole postpartum, healing episiotomy, hemmorhoid and engorgement thing.  And diapers.  Maybe we're even.

Doctor Google recommends that I use over the counter decongestants and breathe in plenty of steam.  Doctor Google never asks you when your last pap smear was.  It already knows.

Now I'm out of the bath and I am SO HIGH.

My husband has fed me a burrito.  You need to know this.

Later tonight I'm going to get good and intimate with my neti pot. 

Check with me and see if I remember it tomorrow.

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