Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I can't find my bedazzler and I need it desperately.

You think if I removed any constraining underwear and poked my tongue between my teeth I could get across the idea that it was foggy in my town today?

Honestly I've started writing about the fog that shows up here every winter around ten times.

Shows up in my head too.

Like wads of cotton in aspirin bottles.  Keeps anything worthwhile from shaking loose before you break a nail prying off the cap.

I'm creative in short nervous bursts.  I spent five days sewing a new bathmat for my master bathroom.  It's still not finished.  It needs a non-slip backing.  That detail is something I remember every time I step out of my shower.  There isn't a danger of falling and cracking my skull necessarily, I just might forget how to step out of my shower in the first place.  A non-slip backing may save me from myself.

Pin It

Lookit that...I added a Pinterest button to the post because I got my crafty recycling on.  What was previously stretched across the butts of my family has been made useful again on my bathroom floor.  Oooh.  Ahhh.

I'm also sewing strips of denim for another rug, squares of denim for a quilt, and there is a pile of old jeans in a cat chewed box waiting to be cut up into some sort of utility.  Then there is the series of drawings coming in licks and spits, which I'm long overdue in completing for a friend and at least four costumes under construction.

Then the blog with ten unpublished posts with only a very poorly constructed first line written...

...And Christmas.

This fog could last weeks or could be done tomorrow.  Both the weather and in my head.  It comes and goes.  It's always better in warm weather.

No matter how foggy it is tomorrow I'm going out to get some sunlight.


  1. Did you find it??? Just fumbled my way along (that fog IS bad) to your blog today and don't know if I can sleep not knowing.

  2. Actually I don't own a Bedazzler. I mean, I did once, thinking it would help the costumes along, but Bedazzlers are crap and I tossed it.

    I attach rhinestones and nailheads with a pair of flat nosed pliers. Rhinestones and nailheads attached to my denim bathmat might be decorative!

  3. I don't know how those rhinestones & nailheads would feel on bare feet when you come out of the shower and step on them.

    If you have fog tomorrow, how will you find that sunshine? We had some fog in the last couple of weeks along with overnight temps clear down to 27 or so. Now we are back to our more normal overcast, temps in the mid-40s and drizzle.


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