Tuesday, January 03, 2012

I'm voting for the best candidate in the Swinger's Party.

Never ever EVER go googling for a photo of Ron Jeremy to illustrate a post on the Iowa Caucus.

I feel dirty.

Like greasy dirty.

A little intrigued but still, dirty, and somewhat nauseated.

I can guess that every single citizen in Iowa feels similarly today.  Greasy.  Put upon.  Harangued.  Sick and tired.  In need of a towel to wipe off with or a long shower.  What with all the ads upon ads upon ads and more unwanted phone calls and door to door solicitors than they can count.  Iowans probably woke up in this morning, stumbled to their bathrooms to pee, and found ads printed on their rolls of toilet paper.

After all that, why would any reasonable person go out and vote?  Politicos have harassed people into a stupor.

Keyword is reasonable.  Unreasonable people will still go vote.  Whackadoodles are hitting the polling places this very second and happily tapping the screen* to vote for Newt, Michelle, Dr. Paul or Pretty Witty Mitty.  This whole GOP presidential run has been whackadoodle.  It's only going to continue in this great tornado of crazy until it goes full out Wizard of Oz in November.

...and I just thought about dressing Ron Jeremy as a representative of the Lollipop Guild.

Happy to share that image with you.

Happy to share my bottle of Maalox too.

* Reader A.R. tells me that Iowans aren't caucusing with any sort of touch screen involved.  They are caucusing in their schools and homes and whatnot, trying to lure each other into groups for their preferred candidate.  I replied that this only helps with my Ron Jeremy imagery.  

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