Thursday, January 05, 2012

Raspeduch, strudel!

Before I met my husband, and fed my husband all kinds of good food which has expanded his figure, Justin was a grunt in the US Army.  He's a Desert Storm veteran.  He wore sand colored BDU's and a wine colored beret which he didn't earn but bought at an Army surplus store because he liked it.  When you meet a man wearing a beret, a Bob Dylan Tshirt, and combat boots, you know that your dates will be filled with intellectual movie rentals and saliva.

Check out this photo of Justin taking a whiz on a bush in Bad Kissingen Germany, near where he was stationed.

One of his platoon-mates took this photo.  They must have liked each other a lot.  I don't ask questions.

Someday Justin would like to take me back to Germany so he can repeat the pose, pee in a bush and I can watch...I kid...He wants to take me back so I can see buildings and eat food.

Until then, I've ordered Justin a just because present.  Just because I needed to round up my order for Mirabell MozartKugeln Chocolate up over $25.

Check out Justin's sausages:

Premium German premium as unmentionable minced and aged pig parts gets...made with German love.

Ich lieben Pepto Bismol.

You skipped the meat parts because I mentioned chocolate didn't you?  It's been difficult to find the specific Mozart Kugel I used to buy at a department store that's long gone out of business.   I used to pay a dollar a piece for these chocolates back when I could buy a gallon of milk for a buck thirty.

I don't know why they photo shopped the center to be that baby-poop green.  Sure, it's pistachio marzipan in the middle but in real life it looks edible.  Anyhow, BEST CHOCOLATE EVER.

Rest assured that German grill fest night will consist of plenty of meat, mustard, cabbage, excellent chocolate, a copy of Doctor Strangelove and saliva.

Justin lost his beret at a VA hospital...sigh.


  1. Best blog post title ever! And your husband is a cutie. But you knew that.


    I think it is a noble cause

  3. Hiya Bill. I'm a lefty. I've never heard of The Young Turks. I'll leave up your link because I find it and the message behind it ridiculous. Have a lovely day!

  4. lol @ "check out justin's sausages." I am glad you posted the picture or the sausages that one might find at a market. I was starting to wonder what you meant when you used the plural form, like he has more than one!


  5. If you took your eldest son, cut his hair and shaved his face, INSISTED HE SMILE.....he would look just like that young man a-pissin' in the bushes. Point that out to him, would ya? It will make his day. Youngsters LOVE looking like their parents.


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