Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Squeaky clean!

Ahhh, the last-ish day of February!  Can you smell spring?  Even though I had a burrito from a taco truck for dinner, I can smell green in the air!  Every cell in my body feels like it's waking up and for that I'm thankful.

When spring comes a dutiful housewife throws some old tshirts in a bucket full of Pine-sol and gets to spring cleaning.  When not just a dutiful housewife but The Absent Minded Housewife, you reserve the last day of February as Naked Housework Day!

I see you, you bored and listless stay at home domestic engineers, in your sweat pants and ten year old concert Tshirts.  Tomorrow you tie blindfolds on the children, pull down the blinds, take off that scrounge-wear and get to scrubbing!

When you are dusting ceiling fans, shining silverware, changing your shelf liners, vacuuming under your couch cushions, waxing on and waxing off, no one will care that your cellulite is in full view.  Everyone will be in awe of your sparkling welcoming home and you will feel fresh and liberated!

Oh c'mon, you can clean naked.  Just do it.  Turn up your thermostat and be free.

...and be glad I haven't declared the last day of April as Naked Gardening Day.

ETA:  Why didn't I think of this before?  You're all Facebook invited!  Please say you're attending Naked Housework Day!  Invite your friends!  Take pictures!  Cleverly edit them and post them!


  1. I have just finished cleaning my downstairs lavvy (bog, toilet, loo, w.c. etc) and it looks very pristine indeed. i think this fit of madness was also brought on by the spring-like weather we had here yesterday. (i remained fully clothed whilst cleaning as those steam cleaners are a bit treacherous on your bits.)

  2. I haven’t done this kind of thing while chimney cleaning in Long Island. I wonder how does that feel.


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