Thursday, February 23, 2012

Watch...not make.

Today is my oldest son's 18th birthday. 

Yay, he's eighteen!

Can you hear the exhaustion in the tone of that sentence?

My husband and I have raised that boy to legal adulthood.  It gets easier from here on out, doesn't it?  Shuddup.  Don't answer that.

He asked me what he was allowed to do that was different this morning.  I told him that he was now responsible for any illegal behaviors he engages in.  He can vote.  He can marry. He can enter into contracts.

"I can watch porn!" he exclaims.


Dare to dream. 


  1. OK, I wouldnt answer. However, my son AWTH earned in nick name when he was legal, So buy your son a good helmet before its too late.


  2. his even,,, darn typist!

  3. Realistically it probably won't make a lot of difference if he is still in high school, but do make sure he understands that his actions will now be treated as those of an adult, not a child. Get him to register to vote as that could be pretty important this fall. Isn't he planning to join the Navy soon? That will do a lot to help in his coming of age time.

    One down, two to go! Congratulations!


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