Thursday, March 08, 2012

Descending to their level

It's quite something when public outcry has been heard and the folks who want us to buy their products and services pull their dollars from the kid in kindergarten who has eaten all the paste.

Lush Rimbaugh spent a lot of time eating paint chips. They are a crunchy snack.

Yet, here I sit, worried about Rush making less money than he used to. Everyone is these days. Paychecks aren't going up with inflation. The price of gasoline has risen a penny a day for the last month. Snickers bars are smaller for the same price. How will Rush survive?

I say, we find the man new advertisers. We shouldn't stress the idea that an advertiser has to support the content, but more that an advertiser should highlight the culturally significant points of the message. Product tie ins that make apologies, no matter how flimsy they are, unnecessary.

Let's start with the obvious:

For when political punditry gives you that not so fresh feeling.


An empty septic tank is a happy septic tank!

Delicious with Vicodin!

I got my degree in thinkology...and dental assisting.

If we all work together, reach out across those aisles, we can give Rush a break and he'll be able to afford cigars and Viagra again.

Or at least three ex wives will get their alimony checks this month.  

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  1. Actually, he DID pick up some new advertisers. From an article I read today: "Meanwhile, a few companies are stepping up to support Limbaugh’s show:, a company that bills itself “the world’s largest sugar daddy and sugar baby dating website,” announced its decision to start advertising on Limbaugh’s show late Tuesday, while the CEO of Ashley Madison, an online dating service website, said on CNN Wednesday morning that he is “willing to step into the void left by other advertisers.”" I guess Ashley Madison is a site for people to find each other for extramarital affairs. Both of these seemed like great sponsors.


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