Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Chopping them up. Chopping them down.

Today I took myself to lunch.

I could take myself to lunch just about every day if I wanted to.  My lunch schedule is so free but I usually just stay home.  If I had the motivation I could put on clothing that is appropriate in public and eat food that someone else has prepared. 

The employees at Subway really are sandwich artists. 

Motivation came in the form of a truly frustrating parenting day yesterday.  How my sons can be so aggressive with any number of their bodily fluids is beyond reason.  I declined condiments on my cold cut combo.

Further motivation is my new bra which arranges my breasts in such a way that I cannot look down at my own toes without bending over.  My sandwich artist did not notice.

Because no one sneezed on the fixin's or wiped their boogers anywhere while I was in the queue, I left a tip.

Tomorrow I wish I could take myself to lunch again because this entire day past lunchtime has exceeded yesterday's frustrating experience by far.

There will be no cold cut combos, wearing more than sweats over my spectacular new bra or leaving any tips.  There will only be the punishment of my 18 year old son at home because he's been suspended for fighting at school less than a month before graduation.

He didn't start the fight apparently.  He was pushed from behind, knocked to the ground and then he used his fists to say what every other kid in that school wanted our pusher to know.  That's what is saving his butt when it comes to being eligible to walk.  The other kid has an attitude and he deserved it.

However, my boy could have just as easily gotten up, dusted himself off, and walked away.

What I don't get is what I did to deserve Sir Hormoansalot home until next Monday.  This child of mine needs his own attitude adjustment.  Here he's been the pusher.  He's been belligerent.  He's been snappy and rude.  Now is not the time to give him a high five for not starting the fight but certainly ending the fight. 

I get to be the yeller.  Again.  Lay down the law.  Instruct him.

My son is contrite.  When he got home today he completed all of his homework and without prompting did his laundry.

Tomorrow he gets to do yardwork.  We also get to take yard trash to the dump.

Meh.  I might buy him a Coke on the way.


  1. I understand that there are a lot of zero tolerance policies these days, and I understand why. But I think there is something seriously wrong when a child gets suspended for defending himself. I've heard about it happening again and again.
    I went to school in Las Vegas where I witnessed more physical fights between girls than I did between guys. And some of them were downright scary to watch. Since I never wanted to find myself being pulled by my hair across the locker room floor, I vowed some time during my freshman year never to get into the middle of a girl fight. I walked away from a lot. One week I walked to the library every day where bitchy bully girls literally walked at my heels. But I knew that they wouldn't start anything where there were teachers around. And I waited until the bell rang and was late to class so that they couldn't ambush me in the hallway. And it retrospect, that just made it worse. It made me a mark. Because I was an odd kid and I would NEVER defend myself.
    Frankly, I'm sick of it. These zero tolerance policies just give bullies more power because they make the sensible kids afraid to fight back.

  2. I agree...but my boy and this boy have been picking at each other for a couple years. That the other boy also picks on about everyone else is sort of past the point. My kid ain't blameless otherwise hit back and hit hard wouldn't be a problem with me. The punishment was proper.

    Our school has been particularly bully sensitive since the murder of Mickie last year.


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