Wednesday, May 02, 2012

I deserve a break today?

I just sent my kids to bed.

It's adult time now, right?  It's the time of day where you are free to break out all the snacks you have hidden from your children in the laundry room.  It's the time of day where you can chew those treats slowly, savoring every calorie that you do not have to share.

Now, what if the snack you are craving is a McDonald's old fashioned twisty ice cream cone?  Just the type of snack which doesn't keep well behind your Costco sized box of Tide.

If you go out to get some cones, and bring them back like your husband suggests, because he does not want to get up out of his chair and interrupt the watching of Jon Stewart, won't the kids sense that the usual snack eating cycle that they are only peripherally aware of is amiss?

Won't they wake and proceed to Children of the Corn you into giving up your delicious cones?

They would!

They'd go McZombie!

This is torture.


  1. How would you even bring them back without destroying them or getting them all over the car anyway?

  2. Apparently they have trays you can stick them in.


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