Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It's not a cage. It's only underwire.

When I was a teenager, back when I was flatchested, didn't need a bra and wore one anyway, it was considered the height of uncouth to allow those bra straps to slip or show.  Especially if said bra was a color other than white.  The only reason to buy a colorful bra is to show that bra off to boys and showing off your bras to boys is an awfully trampy thing to do.  Thou shalt maintain secrecy about your undergarments.

Back then I had a A cup turquoise demi cup bra which I liked a lot.  Used to take that thing off from under my shirt and hook it to the radio antennae of my high school car on Big Gulp runs.  That's not just showing off your bra to boys...that's convenient equal opportunity bra display. 

For some reason I cannot begin to fathom, going about with most of your bra showing under your summer clothing is now considered A-OK.  It's more important to maintain perky wonderbreasts than to hide your underclothing when you are hot.  If you are like me and you outgrew the gravity resistant breasts of your younger years, keeping your bra on most of the time maintains your dignity too.  No one wants to see your old lady brassiere flapping off your mini-van no matter how badly that bra needs an airing.

But, if on the off chance you do, I'll be taking my van down to the McDonald's tomorrow around noon mountain time for an iced coffee.

When it's this hot this early in the year, dignity be damned.  All I need is a drive-thru and a cool breeze.


  1. Enjoy your free time off- school will be out for the summer before long and then you will have some regular hanger-oners (is that a word?) Any luck on Number 1 finding a summer job?

  2. Underwire jokes at this thread, with an entertaining picture:


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