Monday, May 14, 2012

Wonderful Spring

Scene:  My xeriscaped backyard...that means we took up all our grass in favor of a good layer of decorative gravel and a few planter boxes.  I live in Nevada.  God was not fooled by my lawn. 

It really is lovely back here.  I've planted vegetables in my planter box.  Petunias in my planters.  Marigolds in twenty feet of vinyl gutter on my ledge.  The spanish olive trees I just allowed to grow, because God is also not fooled by oaks on the slat flats, smell wonderful.

Swallows are diving and a pair of ring necked doves are in the middle of PDA.  Birds poop while they make out with each other.  Romantic eh?  Kissy kissy coo coo dump kissy coo.  Can't do that on a first date.
The kids have gone to bed.  The sun is setting.  The patio is still hot under my bare and happy feet.

Contrast this peace with earlier in my day.
Scene:  Elementary school parking lot nearing the end of the school day.  I am parked in my fabulous mini-van in the second spot north of the crosswalk in front of the school trying to read.  Another mother is parked in her fabulous mini-van in the first spot and her friend is lounging into the open driver's side window simultaneously gossiping in person and on her cell phone.

Their gossip is loud and angry.

They complain in several directions.  Into and out of the van.  Toward the school.  Into their cell phones. Up into the clear blue sky.

At the pinnacle of this gossip, when there is no kissing or cooing but dumping instead, the driver fortifies her opinions by exclaiming in a serious self righteous tone:

"I am NOT mental.  Just ask my kids!"

To which I could not help myself...I laughed...I laughed long and I laughed hard...and they noticed.


I AM mental.  No need to ask my kids one way or the other.  It's why I need a beautiful space to sit in the evenings.


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