Monday, June 04, 2012

Come home with momma now...

This is my oldest son and the one time I caught him on camera without a huge smile on his face.  This is before graduating so you couldn't call him an official adult yet but afterwards you couldn't wipe the joy off his whole body.

We've given him a laptop for his efforts.  It's the most powerful computer in my house. My son was thrilled.  If that computer could consent he'd enter into a civil union with it.  If he takes it for granted it will eventually divorce him and demand support for all the flash gaming programs he's downloaded.

Now onto the work of family transition. 

In other words, "Hey kid, go get a job."

Or in additional other words, "I still get to tell you what to do until you start paying your own bills."  This is awkward for two adults and especially so when one has given birth to the other.

I'm not at all against a graduation gap though.  He's earned that.  It's peaceful when the manchild is in his room with the door closed cuddling with his warm toasty non-judgemental laptop.  Soon enough the Navy recruiter will show up again and take him where laptops cannot go.  He might find a substitute laptop just outside of the gates of the base but I've warned him about the viruses a young sailor might get that way.

Next on the to-do list to adulthood...grabbing that driver's license.

Where we live there is no pressing need to have one.  Everywhere a manchild needs to go is a short walk or bike ride away.   If the manchild wants to get a job selling giant sodas. e-cigarettes and showers to truckers down the street though, he needs valid state issued identification.  Since we live rural, the law doesn't require driver's education classes, so they don't care who you con into teaching you how to drive as long as you pass the proper tests. 

Did I mention that I live right on the Bonneville Salt Flats?  World famous for land speed motoring type records because the flats are so damned flat!  Not a tree for over forty miles! 

I am so gonna teach that kid to gun it...gun your parent's mini-van hardcore.  Turn  KC & The Sunshine Band all the way up and get to livin' that dream.

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  1. Pat's younger grandson graduates this Friday. It will be in the outdoor football stadium as the indoor gym is all torn up being remodeled. Rain is forecast daily for the next few days although it does call for showers later on Friday, so maybe it won't be too uncomfortable.

    I don't think he has a job lined up and I don't know if he has any specific plans as to what he wants to do in the way of work. I don't know if the problem is with all the unknowns in the economy or just a kid who just hasn't spent any time thinking about his future. It is about time for him to do so, though.


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