Thursday, June 14, 2012

Just like Dad!

In many ways I am like my father. Like him, I'm hairy. Wait. Forget that. Like him, I am not happy unless I'm dreaming of some kind of home improvement project.

Many of my home improvement dreams have been realized. I tore up my impractical white linoleum and laid ceramic tile in my kitchen and bathrooms, all by myself.  I took my unfinished laundry room, taped and mudded the walls, painted, laid down beige linoleum, all by myself.  I've installed many light fixtures.  I've installed many shelves and closet rods.  I've gardened.  I've power drilled.  I've removed paint and repainted.

Home improvement makes my DNA giddy.

This weekend I'm refinishing my counter tops.  This project has been on my mind for a couple years and my family is putting up with not having a kitchen for a couple of days.

This is before hours of sanding and rolling on stone epoxy:

...And this is me after:


  1. Let us know how it comes out in the end!! i've been wondering about countertop refinishing!

  2. You ought to lay off those steroids, girl! I like the shape you have now a lot better.


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