Tuesday, June 19, 2012

We grow up so fast.

I started this blog when my youngest child was only a bit over two months old.

Today he turns seven.

Time, it's flying.  This blog has seen me through spit up, blown out diapers, first steps, first words, crying it out, potty training, preschool, kindergarten and upwards to the graduation of my oldest son from high school.  You've seen me through tubal ligation, hormonal upheaval, hair growth and hair lossboredom, depression, lossfire, earthquake, crap jobssilliness, lovecrushes on funny looking celebrities, and all kinds of minutia.

Have I remembered the world outside my house?  Have I remembered politics, philosophy and pop culture? 

I hope so, I needed all three to decorate the Captain America cake my kid has requested.

Happy birthday baby. 

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  1. I've enjoyed reading your blog over most of those seven years and I hope that you will continue to write here. I don't do Facebook so miss out when my favorite bloggers move over there. And I am not sure that you really can call your youngest a "baby" anymore! I don't think he would like that term used on him.


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