Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bazinga Bazongas

Though it's not something I've paid attention to in recent years, I was happy to see that the television I actually watch has been nominated for Emmy awards.  The last ten years or so I've not been interested in popular television.  Someone once asked me if I was excited about the Sex in the City movie and I said I'd rather

Downton Abbey and Mad Men and Big Bang Theory and Project Runway.  Yay!  (Season premiere of Project Runway starts in five minutes.  I've changed my underwear in preparation.)

I was especially thrilled to see that Mayim Bialik was nominated for best supporting actress in a comedy series. 

This is a woman I have a lot of respect for.  I think she is the sort I could talk parenting with all day, never agree with each other once, and still come away understanding one another and as friends.  She parents in a way that works for her and her family, in a genuine way, and has none of that fashionable female guilt about it.

Me too.  Mommy guilt is not something I'm going to dabble in.   I know I've made mistakes.  Sending my eighteen year old child off to a fully funded week long leadership camp this week without any of his precious electronic devices is not one of them.  Super-mama in a pink cape I am not.  His level of fury at this injustice tells me I'm doing in right.   When he comes home he's getting a job and we're cutting off his bandwidth.

Mayim co-sleeps with her boys in the family bed.  No way do I want to co-sleep ever.  This mom would be cranky upon waking up.  There is no reason to sleep with my children's feet anywhere near my body.  No reason to breath in their puppy dog breath or their bull mastiff farts.  No reason to risk any of us wetting the bed.

Mayim is into childwearing.  I was too but not on purpose.  Cuddling and rocking my babies was a complete joy but there was a point I wanting to take a pee without a baby hanging off my chest.  Therefore my kids got swaddled and stuffed into a laundry basket so I could adequately wipe back to front.

Mayim will breastfeed until their kids write their dissertations.  I breastfed for as long as I could which meant that sometimes my kids got formula.  My milk failed with the last one at three months and I wasn't particularly distressed about that.  Of my three boys he's the one that wears thick eyeglasses...shrug.  He's also the one who has only thrown up three times in his seven years and has never had to take an antibiotic...shrug.  I was raised on formula, I can spell, and I'm thrilled to not be lactating today.

Mayim has not allowed her boys to watch much TV at all.  My boys think that the watching of TV provides ample amounts of vitamin D.  When you start your day with an episode of Spongebob Squarepants that you've already seen forty times, who needs dietary fiber?

Mayim circumcized as per her faith.  So did I.  We have faith in different things.  You may comment on that all you like. 

Mayim has met Wil Wheaton.  I have not.  The feelings that brings up in me make me want to call Mayim bitchy names.  True, this has nothing to do with parenting.  Didn't I say that Mayim and I would be friends and rightly so, Mayim has a PhD so I assume she can discuss many topics intelligently.  Neuroscience and Wil Wheaton...both require brains.

Good luck Mayim.  I'm rooting for you.  I am not rooting for the afro kid on Project Runway.  He's a fruit.

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