Monday, July 09, 2012

Boobie Zoos

I'm told that today has been National No Bra Day.

I have no clue which influential person sanctioned such an event but hallelujah Fox News, a day where it's been deemed okay to do what I've been doing most of the summer anyway!  Going braless is a profound joy in this heat.  All that sweat stretches out a brassiere unnecessarily.  By the time autumn rolls around your underwire is poking out into your armpits.

However, my celebration of National No Bra Day was cut short this morning with the delivery of my new washer and dryer set.  The delivery men couldn't have known it was No Bra Day and probably thought I was crossing my arms in front of my chest to hide the fact that my old washer was not working properly.

Which it wasn't.  Didn't matter how or what I loaded into the machine, the thing would clunk away during the spin cycles.  This caused much wear on the motor, which caused a burnt residue under the washer, and tore up the new linoleum under it.  The dryer was on it's last legs too.  The door handle broke off and I've been using a hooked putty knife to open it and the plastic rim around the drum had been breaking off in big chunks my last couple loads.

My house didn't burn down.  Yay!  A clunking washer isn't as sexy as you might think a housewife would find it but having a roof to live and sleep under is HAWT.

Truth is that I didn't know it was National No Bra Day until much later and my not wearing any type of undergarment was because it was still early when they arrived.  At the very least I wasn't wearing my favorite pair of pajama pants with the hole in the bottom and a sheer T-shirt, which might have made for an interesting fetish movie, but instead wore the second most worn pair of pants and my Wil Wheaton T-shirt which only makes for a fantastic fetish movie.

The delivery men were so polite and efficient in my presence that I did them the favor of popping into my room and putting on proper undergarments and pants.  And cut.  Print.

I stayed in my bra the rest of the day, thereby sweat-stretching out it's underband.

Meh, I can toss it in the wash.  No biggy. 

Then we'll see how that spin cycle works.

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  1. Uh, yeah. As far as I'm concerned, every day at home is no-bra day. I've been collecting yoga tops with the built in shelf. They don't do much for my DDs, but at least I can say that technically I'm wearing a bra and therefore classy.


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