Monday, August 06, 2012

All is meow. All is meow.

When I listed "cat lady" as my religious affiliation on Facebook, I wasn't being all that facetious.  Cats are awesome.  Since I was born in Utah, I could have listed the religious affiliation popular in that state but that set of thou shalt nots hasn't been on my radar for some time.  Instead, owning and babying my cats seems a much more satisfying practice.

Behold, tidings of cat joy!

When you find this bit of wanton destruction on your bedroom floor first thing in the morning, you thank the lord that you slept through all of it.  Or blame Republicans for the mess.  Or both.

What might surprise all my Utah readers and other hanger ons who know of my love of cats, my love of drinking hot morning beverages, my love of using certain expletives from time to time, my love of going shopping on a Sunday, my love of talking about sex every moment of the day, my love of teh gayz and teh gay marriage, and my love of my liberal leaning non-red state ways is that I also love inviting Mormon missionaries over to my home so I can cook them food.

Yup, I actually invite them in.  I do not shut the door on their faces.  I bake them cupcakes and tonight when I fed a pair of those nice young men, I frosted those cupcakes with pink icing.

Which begs the question...why, why would you do this thing?

(Or, I wouldn't cook for them, they are religious nutjobs, can't you see it?)

(Or, I would cook for them, but I'm a believer and why would you offer meals when you're such an apostate?)

The answer is...because it's nice.  It's a nice thing to do.  These boys are away from home, from their families,  away from their little girlfriends and their hobbies and the free media and their own pets, thrust into a world full of social pressure from all sides, testing faith or building faith or losing faith, wearing cheap wool suits and other clothing that just doesn't breathe well in this heat, and doing a crap job that only pays in brownie points from above. 

These boys were once the boys I grew up with.

Because I am the mother of boys.

Having these kids at my home and filling their bellies fills my heart even though I'm not interested in why they were sent in permanent press pants and stain protected ties to my house.  Too many people just aren't very nice even if they disagree and these boys are too young to feel badly about those kinds of experiences out in the world

Plus, my cats try to get in on the belly action and try to get theirs rubbed by new people.

A long time ago I said I wasn't going to be writing about the Mormon church and I think I've stepped lightly here.  No need to go into all the drama drama drama involved with that... just that I can separate my experiences with a turn in kindness. 

However, Ceiling Cat does not approve of that porny fifty shades of South Park narrative you've had in your head since the fifth paragraph.  You're filthy.  Or you're a republican.  Or both.


  1. Next time they visit ask them where they buy those stain protected ties. I think I could use one of those while trying to eat while wearing a tie.


  2. Now I feel guilty I've never had the missionaries over for dinner.

    Does it count that my sweetie's Mom does and takes them all shopping once a week, too?

    Just found your blog. Looking foward to reading it backward :-)

  3. Don't feel guilty. And yes it counts. This post was in response to some very black and white thinking people.

  4. Good for you that you feed the missionaries, I know how grateful they must be for someone who actually invites them in to eat rather than slamming that door in their faces! Kindness is rarely seen from strangers anymore, i think!

    It's your blog, write about us Mormons all you want... or not! On FL, Rinty & I make no secret that we're stanch Mormons.

    =) Gayle

  5. many mothers have you got? ;)


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