Thursday, September 06, 2012

Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining.

I've been called to jury duty.


For the sixth time.

I thought that calling and giving my excuses would mollify the court.


See, my husband and I have one vehicle. On the day I'm called my husband will be taking our one vehicle 120 miles east, to the nearest VA hospital, to enjoy a fun filled day of neurology appointments and ultrasounds. Because of this, it's terribly difficult to drive 120 miles to the west, to the county seat, to fulfill my jury duty obligation.

Not that I mind going at all. I've been before. After that, all the other trials I've been called for have been cancelled.

But, try to tell the court clerk this. Not that she's bent on believing any of the excuses she receives every single working day of her life. If anyone has a crap job, she does and I feel for her.   She must have a wall of fame of bad excuses pinned up behind her desk.

She told me to find a ride with another juror.

I asked her how in the world I'm supposed to find these other jurors, much less get familiar enough with them to beg a ride?

She said she didn't know.

She told me to cancel or reschedule my husband's VA appointments.

I told her that these appointments were made three months ago.  We're talking the VA here.  We're talking neurology here.  We're talking lucky that we could schedule three different doctors for different exams on the same day here.  I did not ask her to reschedule the trial for me though I was tempted. 

She told me to call the day before, see if the jury pool is still large enough and beg off then.  I just grunted.

She told me she has to go by the statutes.  I told her to read me the statute.  She left off the part about being dismissed because of hardship.  I called her on it.  She said it was at the court's discretion.  My hardship is not enough a hardship.

Tomorrow I get to call the one car rental place in town, if they are still in business, and ask for a day rate.  Then I get to research taking a stinking Greyhound bus. 

If all that's prohibitive, I'm calling the court clerk back and I'm bursting into tears.

Seriously, I'd LOVE to serve.  Sign me up.  My schedule is usually so wide open that it's downright slutty...I JUST CAN'T GO ON THE DAY YOU'VE CALLED ME!

Maybe they'll work something out and cancel this one too.




  1. So how did this end up working? Keep the VA appointment? Jury duty? Inquirying minds wanna know!

  2. A summons arrived about a month & a half ago for Annie, my first wife, who died in July 2005. I checked the block provided in asking that she be excused indicating that she was deceased and included the date, signed it myself as her husband and sent it in. About a month later, I got one myself, my second in two years. I couldn't figure out a valid excuse (didn't think they would believe that I had died so didn't try checking that box) so I ended up on a two day jury, Sep 10 & 11. Sep 10 is my birthday and that was not exactly what I'd planned to do on that day.

    Now I'll go read your second post on this event for you.

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