Thursday, October 11, 2012

And step and step and twirl!

I missed the best parts of the Presidential debate because instead of watching it I only listened to it on NPR while driving.  Radio gives us no facial expressions.  No posturing.  No clenched butt cheeks.  That's a whole layer of inflammatory rhetoric gone and I feel shafted!

In order to help my readers and other hangers on make an informed decision, I've tried my best to count the more common body language expressed in this debate.  Better than any episode of Dancing with the Stars, let me tell you.  No one cha-chas like Biden.

Smug grins:  Biden 36, Ryan 32 (Though Ryan seemed a continuous grin during all of Biden's responses.)

Condescending head tilts:  Biden 7, Ryan 12

Eyerolls: Biden 4, Ryan 1

Literal finger pointing:  Biden 34, Ryan 32  (Biden moves from one to two fingers often, which is a little bit sexy.)

Giggles:  Biden 10, Ryan 4

Karate chops: Biden 19, Ryan 16

Jazz hands:  Biden 1, Ryan 3

Drink gulps and grunts:  Biden 0, Ryan 18  (Vodka?)

Obsessive blinking:  Biden 8, Ryan 15

Lip licking and cheek tonguing:  Biden 5, Ryan 5

Nods in agreement:  Biden 3, Ryan 5

Nods in disagreement:  Biden 10, Ryan 7

Invisible hand rulers:  Biden 24, Ryan 7  (I love you THIS MUCH!)

Calm down nah:  Biden 4, Ryan 2

Sniffs and scoffs:  Biden 10, Ryan 14

Guffaws: Biden 1, Ryan 0

Counting on fingers Biden 2, Ryan 0  (No fingers skipped!)

In the end I was hoping to see either candidate give this gesture:

Because that would have swayed undecided voters for sure.

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  1. Obviously the big guy is warming up his dice. Where ever I go to a crap game, I take my own dice, and that's how I warm them up. Me too.


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