Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cake of Doom! October 2012

I once wrote a post about cake.  It was a delicious post that earned the comment, "You should bake and post more cakes."  People seem to like to eat cake.  I know I do. 

So I mulled this idea around in my brain, to the point where I had a dream, a dream of a dessert that is so calorie laden that no one should eat it without warning.  A dessert that has nothing to do with Cool Whip.

The dream started with bacon.  Bacon in sweet food is a trend I can support. 

No need to splatter grease everywhere.  When you bake your bacon at 425 degrees for about 15-20 minutes, you'll get good crispy bacon and a house that smells porky for the next 72 hours.

Then I baked butter cake in a spring form pan.  The recipe and the post about the previous cake can be found HERE:

When the cake was cool, I started on the parts of this dessert that render it dangerous.  Butterscotch mousse, pecans in caramel, and crack frosting. 

In the red bowl is the butterscotch custard that is the base for the mousse.  I used a regular old chocolate mousse recipe but replaced the melting chocolate for butterscotch chips.  Butterscotch chips don't melt as  gooily as chocolate but that didn't seem to matter in the final product. 

Since the bacon was cool, I crumbled it with my kitchen scissors.

Then I made caramel sauce, mixed in a bag of pecans and set it aside to cool.  It reminded me of this post I wrote once on making sugaring for at home hair removal.  The thought of body hairs in sugar doesn't ruin my appetite but I apologize if I did yours.  Let's work on getting it back.

Finally, I mixed up the first part of a batch of what I like to call Crack Frosting.  It's seriously the best vanilla frosting you've ever tasted.  It starts with a rue that you have to set aside to cool.  Best part of this frosting?  No chalky powdered sugar.  You get lovely creamy light frosting out of regular granulated sugar.

Folding the butterscotch into whipped cream finished off the mousse and I spooned it on top of the cake still in it's springform pan.  Put that in the fridge for a few hours to set, giving me enough time to watch an entire Bollywood movie.

After dinner it was assembly time.

Cake removed from the pan with the help of a sharp knife around the edges and slid onto a stand, pecans in caramel sauce spooned over the top, crumbled bacon on top of that, piped crack frosting, and then Heath bar crumbles so it looks like I care.

Behold.  Butterscotch Bacon Cake of Doom!

I'm going to go cut a piece.  Then I'm going to eat lettuce and apples for two out of three meals all the next week to make up for it.

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  1. That looks so good. This cake would give my husband a boner.


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