Monday, October 15, 2012

Next week, I recommend my favorite carbonated douche.

Last Wednesday night, the status on my Facebook page read:

My husband has told me that I am not allowed to buy a book about vaginas for my Kindle because it's priced at ten dollars and that's too much to pay for Vagina. This after we paid sixteen dollars to watch Taken 2 tonight. A little vagina might just get that Liam Neeson taste out of my mouth. 

Indeed, I did purchase the book.  The author was on Colbert and I'm highly suggestible when it comes to genitalia and Liam Neeson.

What's more, I'm only 18% into the Kindle version and I'm not even going to wait to finish it before I recommend you read it too. 

Read this if you are a woman.  Read it if you are a man.  Read it if you are unsure or are dabbling genderwise.  Read this if you've had sex, haven't had sex, have hooker amounts of sex.  Read this if you don't want to have sex anymore and you can't figure out why you should, because this book will tell you.  Read this if you understand that vaginas are the most common vehicle for childbirth, because I'm sure the book will get around to covering that.

On Friday night, my Facebook status read:

It's not often I get profane here on FB...but geez, Ann Coulter is such a twat.

To which I apologize in light of the subject at  There are better expletives to describe that woman.

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  1. Well, your endorsement has done it. This book went onto the (currently two-long) list I'm planning to buy (very soon now) for my Kindle ( If you're curious, the other one is: ).


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