Monday, October 01, 2012

Reunion Addendum: Be cool, stay in school.

If my 20th high school reunion a week ago wasn't nostalgia enough, we had to attend my husband's 25th reunion from the same high school last Saturday.  Here is what I learned from people who are more mature than I am:


1.  Even though you've given up on big hair, there is no giving up on living the 80's mantra of "hang loose." 

2.  No one has arthritis yet?  Might as well cuddle!

3.  Count the grandkids.  Count the marriages.  Don't count your trips to the bar.

4.  We ain't got no curfew. 

5.  Compare how high your heels are before you compare how hot the hot flashes.

6.  I have a job, you have a job, let's talk about something else.

7.  What did I attend all that college for?  I can't even see to match my socks anymore.

8.  Do you remember that time we all went out and did that really stupid thing and didn't get caught?  No?  Oh, well, I sorta don't either but it was AWESOME.

9.  Raising teenagers...screw that.

10.  Ferris Beuller never did anything to contribute to my 401K...he can suck it.

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