Monday, November 26, 2012

Instead of Grey Thursday, Black Friday, and Blue Saturday shopping...

1.  I slept in.  Then I had coffee. 

2.  I neglected to shower, but only because the local handyman was coming over to replace my water heater.  When he asked us why we weren't out shopping we said, "That's crazy talk."

3.  We heated up leftovers for lunch and had pie for dinner.

4.  We watched episodes of Sesame Street from 1974.  They were awesome.  This Bert and Ernie segment had me in tears laughing.  How could you not laugh when Bert says, "Put the hanky right here.  It's coming.  I feel it.  It's a big one!" because he's going to sneeze?  The whole skit went right on downhill from there.

5.  We read news articles about how Black Friday was going and then left comments on those news articles thus validating our choice.

6.  Picked lint out of my toes.

7.  Fed the antelope ground squirrels living in my backyard.  For Thanksgiving the were given two bowls full of harvest style trail mix...harvest style because it had dried cranberries in it instead of off brand M&Ms.  Pictured here are Sheldon Cooper, Amy Farrah Fowler and Penny Penny Penny.

8.  I drank some soy nog.

9.  We tickled the kids.

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