Friday, December 28, 2012

Cheeseballs and Crackers

Christmas is about spending time with family and I always do this time of year, here is a glimpse into the delusions and dementia that run rampant in my DNA and psyche, provided by the people I surround myself with.

Onto the quotes

"Stay down bitch!"
- Justin, my husband and co-DNA donor to our kids, whispered in my ear after our 7 year old KO'ed his opponent in Wii boxing.

"Shake it if you want to use it, Alec."
- Kaelan, my Navy bound son, dispersing Wii playing advice to his little brother in a "That's what she said." fashion.

- Tonya, my sister Lisa's partner in life and evil, in nauseated response to my asking my nephew, Seth, if I could sniff his beard. There has to be history in that fur.  His answer was no.

Excuse the grainy phone pic.  Can't you just imagine the scent though?

"We'll have to have baloney on the barbecurr!"
- Brian, my brother in law, upon learning that we'd forgotten to pack up and bring the new york loin steaks we'd bought him. 

"I made the blog. Bout time I was more important than tits on a bulldog."
- Brian, again, happy about his bologna crack making the cut.

"Is that mayans or mormons?"
- Justin, still my husband, answering the question of if the Mayans are full of shit, with their apocalypse and all.

"I cant, Mom said I shouldn't touch."
Tonya again, when asked if she wanted to play with Kaelan's new complicated rubiks cube style puzzle.

"There's dog crap stuck on the ceiling."
- Jill, my little sister, wife of Brian, who knows what to do with a white elephant joke novelty gift.  Makes us wish we all had rubber dog turds to stick to our ceilings.

"Dangit Mom and Wiener on that side of the table.  I'm staying over here."
- Alec, my thirteen year old son, during a game of chicken foot dominoes, in which my awesome plays earn a "dangit Mom!" from him and my 70 year old dad blocks good plays and gets called a "wiener".  My dad won the game.

"I got nothing boring this Christmas."
- Ryan, my 7 year old son, who found his holiday satisfactory.

I hope my readers and other hangers on have also had satisfactory holidays.  Much love from me to you.

...and congratulations to my best friend, who was blessed with a baby girl on Christmas Eve.  She came exactly when she was meant to.


  1. I think I would love to be at a family party of yours..LOL

  2. Some day you need to give more info about some of those, like why they said what they said?

    Happy New Year to you and your family. My Navy son left yesterday to deploy to Okinawa with his unit. He is looking forward to this trip as he has never been in Japan before. It really is true that if you join the Navy you will see the world!

    1. Why? Because the members of my family need medication!


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