Monday, December 17, 2012

If by grace.

I have several thoughts about the recent horror in Newtown Connecticut, all of them incomplete and muddled.  In some part blame for that can be placed squarely on my fickle hormone levels...that is, I also have incomplete and muddled thoughts about what to have for lunch everyday.  However, another part is the incomplete and muddled thoughts most everyone is having after following the story...thoughts that can't ever make sense because it is all so senseless.

Our nation has cried out in this same incomplete and muddled way.

Gun control.  Mental health care.  Effective parenting.  Parenting guilt and isolation.  Spanking.  God in schools.  God's presence anywhere.  The Media.   Living in a sinful angry society...a lazy society...a depressed society.

I want to touch on all of this but I get lost in all the tenets of it. 

My husband, who has taught high school for the last fifteen years, had this to say:

I have seen too many of these days as a teacher. Don't talk to me about taking away all of the guns and don't talk to me about arming teachers or talking about how we just need to enforce existing gun laws. Any realistic answer is going to take a lot of work from all of us, which means compromise. For those of you who have forgotten, compromise is characterized by nobody getting everything he or she wants and being required to give up some of the things he or she believes necessary. 

And that's just's time to get down from the pedestals of our egos and our agendas and really look at what we are contributing to the spirit, compassion and kindness of the world.  What we've been before is reflecting back on us, so we close our eyes, and look at what it takes to open them.

I'm guilty of it too.  I try though.  Sometimes I forget but I try.  I could do so much better.

My own children had lockdown and emergency school drills a week before.  I had to explain to my seven year old why such a thing was necessary when he asked.  My kids get it now.

I've not shielded them necessarily.  Yet, they are still innocent.  It's because in that innocence they see.

Please God, grant them the continued gift of sight.

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