Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rendered commonly unintelligent

Don't look now, but I'm about to get kinda naked.

I'm in the middle of reading yet another volume of very bad Jane Austen fanfiction on my Kindle.  Finishing this one requires a hot bath and a couple walls separating me from the noise of my children playing Doom 3.

On the upside, Jane Austen fanfiction for the Kindle is very cheap or even free.

On the downside, you have to ask yourself while reading this stuff, how many coquettish references can you make about the sex life of the newly married Darcy's without it becoming too cat lady crazy?  The Darcy's renewed their vows.  The Darcy's didn't emerge from their chambers until past midmorning.  The Darcy's practiced with hopes of filling Pemberly with a family of their own.  The Darcy's amiably set off for a connubial adventure in Freakyton in their barouche.

I'm embarrassed I read this stuff.  Not that I can't admit this embarrassment to every one of my readers and other hanger's on.  It's the fact that I'm going to have to admit this stuff to my mother.

I got her a Kindle for Christmas.


Purposely I associated her Kindle with my Amazon account so we can easily share books. You can use six Kindle devices per account and so everything I've already paid for she can read for herself.  Everything is listed in an archived file on her e-reader.

So she can see all my breathless regency readings.

And every marriage related book I read in my effort to be a better marriage forum moderator, all the way from sexual dysfunction to passive aggressive behavior.

And that book Naomi Wolf wrote about her cultural Vagina.

And then a bit of filth entitled, "Wesley Crusher Teenaged F*** Machine".

Okay, I'm definitely deleting that one.

No one should know I read that.  Or it's sequel.

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