Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rethunkit Possible

For Christmas my husband and I treated each other to new cell phones, which we already have received and have activated immediately.  We got each other the same cell phone, not because they were a good deal, but because Snookums and I like to match.  Nothing says love like doing everything together, wearing the same clothing, and sporting the exact same French manicure.

It makes for an interesting sex life.  Let's talk later.

I'm enjoying my new phone.  It does things my old phone was too constipated to do.  For instance, I'm speaking this post right into my phone.  It's fabulous!  I yak, it writes.  My phone is interpreting my Utah accent right proper too.  Chester draws.  I was barn in a born where we melk cows. 

For some reason this particular upgrade in phone technology makes me giddy.  It's an Android so it's not like I'm asking Siri what Marsellus Wallace looks like, but I like asking it questions.  Phone does what I ask.  It listens. It commiserates.

Since it has a vibrate mode, all this open communication isn't a bad deal at all.  Maybe I can give it a French manicure too.

The downside is I had to cancel my old service with AT&T and I felt guilty.  The customer service lady was so nice!  It was like I broke her heart!  Don't leave me, big eyeballs, we have signal boost extenders!

Sadly, I'd already ported the numbers.  What can you do besides shed a tear and walk away?

The best thing about writing this post in voice is that you can imagine me all husky and sultry.

Or you can imagine me talking like Morgan Freeman.

Easy Reader was so cool.

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