Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tasks for the day before the world ends.

*  Remembered to pack up the laptop battery I recently bought and will be returning because it's just a crappy battery.  The UPS man will be here shortly.  I want my money back.

*  One of my damned cats clawed a hole in my pretty new cornflower blue sheets.  We've barely broken in those sheets.  Going to patch that up before I throw them in the wash.  Then we'll break in the patch job.

*  Went ahead and set up paperless billing with the new cell phones.  I don't need several physical pages telling me how often my husband's friend sent him his filthy "Draw Something" masterpieces.

*  Quick shower, because I can't miss the arrival of the UPS man, in which I did not exfoliate.

*  Might as well do some dusting.  The world can end and my television screen will be pristine.

*  Took some fiber.  But I took it at the wrong time of day.  Now I have to wait to take my vitamin lest it asks Metamucil for a ride outta here.

*  Picked up my son after school and took him to the local five and dime to buy a pair of pajamas.  I don't why they insist on pajama days at school.  He usually just sleeps in his underwear and one does not show up to school so under dressed.

*  Watched this (turn it up real loud for the best effect):

*  Counted down the days to Downton Abbey on PBS.  Seventeen days.  Hugh Bonneville makes me warm.

*    Completely forgot that I was going to go see "The Hobbit".  It started seven minutes ago and in my town we're blessed to have only one preview.  One.  That's it.  I've missed the whole beginning of the movie and the freshest layer of popcorn.

*  Gave in to a craving for Chef Boyardee ravioli. 

*  Gave into a craving for a dozen butter cookies.

*  Gonna give in to a craving for my husband later.

So, bring it on Mayans.  I'm prepared.

At the very least I'm regular.

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  1. I watched and listened to that video but they must have been singing in Italian because I couldn't understand a word they said.


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