Monday, December 03, 2012

Union Jack Yawn

If Kate Middleton is willing, and I think she just might be considering she'd probably been tossing her cookies three times an hour, I'm proposing to make a trade with her.

Woman to woman...mother to mother.

Kate, I say you attend my jury duty tomorrow and I'll go ahead and take on your morning sickness for a month.

It's a fair trade. It's an excellent trade! Win, win and win!

She gets to experience Elko County justice and perhaps enjoy the only sushi restaurant for several hundred miles in all directions. Mmm that fish is fresh?

I'll get to get out of jury duty and maybe look at Prince William's tushie a little bit, though I wouldn't touch him. If that got back to Kate and my defenses were still hanging over a toilet, she could hurt me bad.

So, deal Kate?  Just keep your eyes closed and nod your head a little bit if you agree.

Now, I've tried to end this post by finding a graphic where Kate has a nauseated look on her face and after an hour I was unable. That woman is amazingly photogenic. She'd probably even look beautiful hurling. Have a photo of Princess Beatrice instead.

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