Monday, February 04, 2013

Pass the salt. Get out of the way.

Are you reeling from yesterday's Super Bowl pointspread?  Halftime?  Commercials?  Lack of electricity?

Neener...I'm not...I didn't watch it. There was a few seconds of tuning into the Puppy Bowl but no one in my family room could make head nor tails of that show.  Get it?  Heh...that was funny Cletus.

No, yesterday, like all the other Sunday's this last month, was filled with the anticipation and subsequent wonder of Downton Abbey.

Other Sundays preparation for Downton Abbey has been in Sunday dinner, making a pass in the family room with the vacuum, and doing the laundry.  For the premiere of season 3 I attempted a British delight called Yorkshire pudding.  Pretty tasty considering I left them in the oven a bit too long to attempt English overcooking...yeah, that's my excuse.

Despite not watching jockstrap-palooza, I didn't want to give up a party simply because I am not a football fan.  I found there was much one can do to celebrate episode 5, season 3, of our favorite Masterpiece Classic...

- Wore my specially created large brimmed and feather trimmed beer hat with jewel encrusted hat pins.  I managed to watch the whole episode without having to get up to pee.  PBS ain't got no commercials.

-  I waved around my Thomas the Valet and Footman foam #1 fan finger with self inflicted battle wound included.

-  Every time they mentioned that Ethel was a former prostitute, I did the wave.

Mary chides Matthew and I start chanting, "Defense!  Defense!  Defense!"

-  Coronation chicken wings and hot earl grey with milk and honey, served on the royal doulton.

-  Halftime show!

-  Commercial!

- Belching contest...points for duration and style when you belch, Sir Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham.

- As the show ended with a level of disappointment, inebriation, heartburn and exhaustion, I cursed Laura Linney under my breath and fantasized about buying a bigger TV.

-  Finally, I considered going to Twitter to leave spoilers for everyone on the West Coast because I'm gonna bring it..  I'm bringing it hardcore.  Miss O'Brien ain't the biggest she-dog in the servant's hall.

Best of all, I get to find a whole new theme next Sunday!  It won't be Downton Abbey Bowl again.  That's over.

Nope, next Sunday Walking Dead is back on AMC.  Free Bates... because he'll go medieval...nay Edwarian...on zombie Lady Sybil!

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