Thursday, March 28, 2013


Despite being sleepy and full of continental breakfast bacon, I'm going to spend the next little while writing a blog post for all of you.  I'm in Waukegan, Illinois, sitting in a hotel room with more than adequate wifi, ready to attend my manchild's Navy Pass in Review first thing tomorrow morning.

I flew in an aeroplane!  I took a snooze in the Denver airport!

The eight weeks of Navy boot camp is over for my oldest son.  He got to call yesterday.  I hadn't heard his voice for over a month.  He's a sailor.  It's over.  He passed!  He's a sailor!

Because the military begins all things very early in the morning, I have to be ready and out the door at 6 AM in my new grey pantsuit with my hair in curls.  The hotel has been gracious enough to shuttle us to the event and back.  Then into the graduation hall we go, to sit on bleachers and wait, and then to see this:

This is when the bawling will begin.

By the way, I stole this photo from the US Government and I'm not in the least bit ashamed.

Afterwards I get to borrow my boy, my grown man, from the Navy for the rest of the day.  There are plans to eat food.  There are plans to allow him to use our hotel shower for as long as it takes to get his fingertips to wrinkle.  There are plans to let him use my laptop because he needs a technology fix.  He may want to take a nap and that's okay.  Just have him back by curfew.

Right now the plans are to iron whatever got wrinkled in my luggage and to drink enough water to fix my travel dehydration.

Lake Michigan water.  Delicious.

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