Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Minutia XVII

I'm packed and ready to get on a plane tomorrow morning.  My son has made it through Navy boot camp and the boohoo-ing at his Pass in Review will take place Friday morning.

My boy needs snickerdoodles.  Ever take your laptop in the kitchen and set it by your stand mixer?  Creamed butter and sugar on the screen yo.

If your child is a special snowflake, know that eventually your snowflake is going to melt. 

The Supreme Court arguments on gay marriage today were fascinating.  We live in a great time.

My husband has like 600 million points on a slot machine game on Facebook.  To buy that many points in the game through FB credits it would cost us $140,000 thousand dollars.  Chew on that a while.

I'm really enjoying my neti pot.  There aren't many things that belong up your nose that are as fun as your neti pot.

How come every time I run the water to start the dishes, I have to pee, no matter when I last took a pee?  There is no use trying to pee before you do the dishes.  Might as well just run the faucet and then run to the toilet.

My cat Beulah has these stuffed cat toys which she bats under the furniture just so she can meow at me to get them.  It was cute at first.  Now it's a pain in the neck, literally, I cricked my neck trying to reach under the furniture. 

I really need to start on cookies.


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