Thursday, April 04, 2013

Maybe that's why I like you so much... you don't tempt easy.

It sure is nice to be home.

It's not as nice to leave my son again.  My husband and I spent the day with him after graduation.  He spent his time eating Burger King and using my laptop.  We spent our time looking at the difference that boot camp has made in our son.


and after:

That's fifteen more pounds of muscle baby.

We asked him if he thought he made the right decision in joining up.  He said, "Absolutely!".  We asked him if he was sad about not joining the Army like his Dad did.  He said, "I ain't the backpackin' Army!"  We asked him if he was looking forward to flying out to Pensacola the next day.  He said, "Girls!"

So, there is that.  He gets to attempt to date girls.  I get to mail him his laptop and occasionally Skype with him when he's not doing Navy business or letting his hormones get the best of him.

Look at him.  Oh, there will be girls.  Girls flocking like seagulls.

Please son, I know you're reading this, I've warned you well to not date skanks.  To prepare ourselves for your graduation we viewed many Navy themed movies and I think we can take our lessons about skanks from the 60's classic, How to Stuff a Wild Bikini.

Don't date floozies and beach bunnies.  Date the modestly attired and wholesome Annette Funicello.  You date her because she is interested in your soul and not just your disposable income.  I mean, income helps when you date girls but you also want one who you can talk to.

Plus, her hair can also be utilized as a floatation device.

While my son was on a plane to Florida and all the opportunities presented there, we decided that since we were at Great Lakes, we might as well see the great lake. 

There I am in the cold Lake Michigan air.  The resemblance to Annette is intentional.

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