Wednesday, May 08, 2013

If my thumb is green, what does that make my middle finger?

That Kmart commercial about shipping my pants was the deciding factor in shopping last weekend.  Since I was in the big city I could shop at any bargain store and Kmart won out with witty advertising.  That and it was located next to where we decided to have lunch.

Didn't buy or ship pants at Kmart though.  I bought flats of petunias and some tomato plants.  Today I pranced about my yard with dreams of greenery, a hoe, and an un-kinked garden hose.

Pruning my rose bushes resulted in a huge blister on my middle finger.

Tomorrow I'm going to finish pruning my other two huge rose bushes down using my oscillating power tool.  Maybe this time I won't catch any part of my body on a thorn, like my earlobe, which has stopped bleeding.  Any way I manage to trim my bushes, there will be grunting.

How I'm going to prune my rose bushes doesn't really concern me though.  The obsessive thought running through my head right now, right as I'm typing, is whether or not I should pop my blister.

Popping's so so so satisfying, isn't it?

But, if I pop the blister, my finger will probably be sore.

The blister on my finger feels pillowy, like bubble wrap.  I keep rubbing it against my thumb.

The blister on my finger feels weird, bumpy and alien and it's fun to pop bubble wrap.

Should I pop it?

Shouldn't I?



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