Monday, May 20, 2013

Live long and prosper, prosper hardcore.

I'm going to go see Star Trek.

This will be awesome.

I will wear this shirt.  That is, if I can find it in my pile of clean laundry which I neglected to fold today.

I will not tweet during the movie.  I do not use my Twitter account but that is not the point.  Everyone but me has seen this movie already and there is no need to Tweet about any of it.  I might brag on Facebook and the only reason people might care is that they didn't know my little town had a movie theater.

Wil Wheaton is sexy.  I wonder if he got a little voice cameo like he did in the last one.

He did too!  Google it!  That part in the middle where you were just a little aroused and it wasn't Uhura in her underwear, or Kirk blinking those eyes at you, so you didn't exactly know what caused the warm feeling in your bits, that was his cameo.

Spock is also sexy.  Leonard Nimoy, Zachary Quinto, doesn't matter.  A bowl cut with tapered sideburns and all that split finger action is hot.

Captain Picard is sexy.

Odo, he's sexy, and adaptable.

Chakotay is sexy.

I didn't watch that Star Trek: Enterprise but I'm sure that Scott Bakula is sexy.

Pretty much all I think about when I watch Star Trek.

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