Monday, May 13, 2013

Some gay will get some rights, or something like that.

Because I'm a blogger and not a reporter, I don't have to maintain the same level of public trust as the real press and therefore I can pass along this completely false story because it confirms my biases:


Considering that Minnesota is likely going to be the 12th state in the union to legalize gay marriage, Michele Bachmann not feeling very positive about the whole thing is a given.  Whether or not she'll leave the state is debatable.  After all, wouldn't the new law finally make her marriage legal?

Just in case she does decide to relocate, I'm in the mood to extend a welcome to her.  Michele, come on over to Nevada! We're allowed to drink foot long margaritas right on our public streets, and we have a brothel or two, but we still don't have the morally corrupt institution of gay marriage.

You and resident crazy pants Sharron Angle would get along famously, I'm sure.  Share makeup tips and whatnot.

However, if you do show up here, I recommend you stay clear of Nevada state senator Kelvin Atkinson:


Hey Kelvin?  If Michelle moves into the silver state, please don't move to Minnesota, okay?  I invited Michelle to our state in general.  YOU are invited to my house for pancakes anytime.


  1. you are an idiot

    1. Oooh anonynmous comment, so scary. Way to show your opinion cowering behind your computer screen.


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