Wednesday, June 26, 2013

If we have a hurricane next week, it will have absolutely nothing to do with activist judges.

I lost a fan on my Facebook page today.

Which sent me into a spiral of depression.

No, I'm kidding.  I lose and gain likes on my page and blog all the time.  That's life.  We go into all different directions and that's okay.  However, I received my first public declaration of un-liking because of this status update:

I'm happy with our Supreme Court's gay marriage rulings.  It was a nice way to bring in the morning, learning the news straight out of George Takei's Facebook feed while drinking my coffee.

Below is the first response to my status, name and identity removed for publishing here.   If you cannot read it, it says, "Im unliking your page.  Some of us still believe in marriage....."

In response to this, I wrote several paragraphs and summed it all up with the words, "shove it."  Might as well direct you towards my FB page to read it.  Can't make any of this too easy on you.

I believe in marriage.  I believe in love.  I believe in the practical tenets of legal marriage being a vehicle to protect, cherish and nourish the love between consenting adults with free will.  I believe in kindness and trying to be bigger than the sum of our parts.  I believe that no one owns the divine and that showing grace towards our fellow man is the closest that we can get in that regard. 

I believe in the marriage of the unliker above...if this person is married...because I believe that they have a right to freely love with their whole person and to not have any entity infringe upon protecting the life and livelihood of their union.  I believe this person should be able to conduct their marriage by their conscience, values, and by as much elbow grease as it takes. I believe this person has the right to never marry if they so choose.  I believe this person should be able to end any marriage they enter into for any reason that is valid for them. 

Some of us still believe in marriage?  Yes, some of us do.  Some of us indeed.


  1. Wow. I mean, first of all for the troglodyte who thinks that way. But then for the idiot troglodyte who decided to tell you why they think that way.

    Anyway, unlike your un-liker, some of us believe in using apostrophes appropriately.

  2. Well, I have just liked your page for the exact same reason as Redacted is unliking it :-) I have a LOT to say about the issue of gay marriage (all for it) and can't understand what difference it makes to anyone if someone wants to marry a person of the same sex. Is homosexuality catching? Do all the straights have to divorce their partners and marry someone of the same sex if gay marriage is legalised? What are they frightened of?


    And don't get me started on bringing God into this. Funny how this person has said that she "knows God" ... I have found that everyone who says they know what God is up to coincidentally has the same agenda as God! Wow! Uncanny!

    Aargh again.

    And FINALLY (this one steams me up so bad), saying that homosexuality is a "choice" ... puh-leeeez ... why would anyone "choose" to act in a way that brings stigma, bullying, small-minded opinions and worse on their heads? Choice my foot.

    Infinite aarghs.

    from your latest Facebook fan, way down in Australia :-)

  3. I can barely tolerate those that condemn others in the name of "religion". Especially when they throw the bible in the mix and use it to demean others. Religion has no real place in everyday life. I believe in God wholeheartedly and because of that I condemn no one. It is not my business. If these naysayers actually had a relationship with God instead of silly religion rules they would know that even if God does see things as wrong it's not up to us to bash anyone over the head with the hammer of justice. I'm not completely sure I know how God feels on certain subjects like gay marriage .. I do know how I feel about telling other people how to live their lives and I know it's wrong. If they hurt nobody, live great lives, are kind to others what business is it of anyone to tell them they're wrong?

  4. Thanks. Yesterday I lost one fan. I gained 13. Shrug.


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