Friday, August 02, 2013

Family Fun Time!

Where we camp in Virgin Valley, Nevada, there is a lovely warm spring pond for everyone to cool off in after the heat and dirt of mining for opals all day.

The pond is full of guppies and tadpoles.  It's a delightful experience to stand still in the water and let them nibble on your skin. 

Because it was too deep, most of the time my eight year old son got carried on my husband's back, wrapping his arms around his neck and chest.

It takes a little something to distract a person from the feeling of being a guppy smorgasbord and Ryan discovered it.   Surprised, he said, "Dad, my hands are touching your nipples!"

My husband says, "So?"

Ryan asks, "Are you okay with that?"

My husband replies, "I'm okay with that.  Are you?"

Ryan giggles and says, "'s kinda awkward!"

To which we had to agree.  It's awkward to find yourself in a position where you discover you are touching your Dad's nipples. 

Mining turned out better than swimming.  Check out the size of the opal we found. 


  1. Nice!! (Also, that pond sounds like the perfect antidote to a Nevada summer day...except I would probably be a nervous wreck wondering about mine tailings.)

    1. Nothing to be nervous about. The tailings are in huge piles on level ground. No heavy tools or hard labor necessary. The bigger danger is sunburn and dehydration. I told the eight year old that he could have as much iced tea as he could suck down and he was peeing every half hour.


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