Monday, August 26, 2013

I've been a good girl.

My children went back to school today.

Wait for it...



That's the sound of not watching Pokémon at 8 in the morning.  It's a delightful silence only made better by the taste of hot coffee.  Not to mention that I didn't have to compete for any hot water. 

....and then I watched the Miley Cyrus VMA performance.

It inspired no emotion in me whatsoever!  Why would I care about the Video Music Awards?  Why would I care about Miley Cyrus?  Robin Thicke can suggest all he wants that he knows I want it, but he's an old married fart just like me, and at our ages getting a little quiet IS what we want.
So I turned Miley and her foam pointer finger right off.

Then I made myself a sandwich and some iced tea.

Skyped some with my Navy Manchild.

Organized all my sewing projects.

Made my bed.

Rushed my heaving cat from the carpet to the tile floor.

Did a little cleaning in the garage.

Chewed some gum.

Played spider solitaire.

Wondered if there were any new and interesting podcasts.

Dusted my art supplies.

Made a mental note to myself to prune my rose bushes.

Pulled out ingredients for dinner...


So, my kids get home in an hour. 

Ahh, they get home in an hour!  Noise.  Noise! 

Wait...was Robin Thicke wearing a Beetlejuice suit?  

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