Friday, August 09, 2013

Jesus Built my Hotrod

So, this is happening in my town this week...

That's Burt Munro racing his Indian at world famous Speed Week.  You may have seen the movie, The World's Fastest Indian.  If you haven't, I believe it's still streaming on Netflix and it's worth a watch.  Speed Week is when sun and fume addled motorheads converge on the Bonneville Salt Flats to go really fast.

It's crazymaking for the town.  Seriously.  Speed Week drives me straight up a wall.  Everyone that lives here finds that if they do not have to be out and about in the town this week, it's best to just hole up at home with TV dinners and a couple or three or five or nine bottles of hoarded liquor.  The tourists and competitors are just chunks of salt dropping off their chassis like a Hansel and Gretel trail back to the flats.

Speed Week makes me perturbed with people every year.

This year, however, I battled my introversion because God commanded me to.  Behold!

What else could I do but take this commandment to heart?  Last night I replied to most everyone in that thread that extended a greeting, offered or asked for love, or asked to have a friend.  Around a couple hundred strangers out of 1700 comments.

It was wonderful.

...until I realized that I had been replying in my Absent Minded Housewife voice on FB and then I felt guilty for spamming that entire thread.  I got carried away with all the joy in it!

Put me right in the mood and I gave my husband a hello too, if you don't mind me saying.

Gladly, God forgives my lack of internet manners and has allowed me to continue giving hellos to strangers this morning.  I've received messages of gratitude and thanks.  Played six degrees to Kevin Bacon by finding neighbors I didn't know I had.  Found one distant relative.  Made new acquaintances that may become new friends, who knows?

You just don't know when a single greeting may make all the difference.

Which begs the question...will I be going out and about in my town to greet Speed Week strangers?  It might be a joyful experience as well!


Let's give it a few days.

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