Thursday, August 29, 2013


Yesterday I was asked what I thought about our "libturd" president going to war.

I don't think I know all I need to know about that.  I figure there is a lot about the situation that us lay people don't know.  That's why relying on doublespeak and platitudes about Syria is so attractive to our drive-thru window culture.  What we don't know we make up so we can become properly outraged..

Not to mention that I was asked this because I tend to lean a wee bit left and I voted for the "libturd".  It doesn't matter if I can think or reason when it comes to my vote.  It only matters what some folks think that Democrat™ means.  Tree hugging, gay love making not war making, handout loving, anti-gun, pro-fetus killing, socialist fascist pacifist.  Do I follow the party blindly?  Nope.  But I do vote more than my conscience.  Both sides of the aisle do.  Though I'm lacking in using the term "conservatard" or pointing the spastic foam finger of racism when it comes to my conscience.  I used to be a Republican.  Hell, I voted for Bob Dole, but I cannot in good conscience vote for what the party represents today.  There is no place for me there.

In answer, I could have written an entire essay about Syria, comparing and contrasting between what's going on according to even handed news sources with the war in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan, Desert Storm, Vietnam.  I could have delved into the legalities of the president preparing for a military strike along with stating the obvious, that we've not bombed yet.  The decision is yet to be made.

Instead I replied in short.  One sentence.

"My son is in the military, asshole." with my conscience.  'Murica.

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  1. Word for word, I'm right there with you!! Only it's my son in law who's in the military, asshole! ;) And I voted for the libturd, too, even though I don't subscribe to "everything democrat" but can't stomach where the other side has gone!


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