Wednesday, August 07, 2013

What I did during my summer vacation....

As I was scrolling down my Pinterest feed earlier today, I found whole groups of pins suggesting writing topics for the blocked blogger.

You could say this post was prompted by the quality of the prompts.  I wasn't actively looking for prompts per say.  Cut in with the prompts were recipes for microwave mug cakes and everyone can use these.  Why bake a whole damned cake that you'll only eat in one sitting, still warm, with a half gallon of milk when you could bake a single serving in a mug and pour the milk right over that?  Milk, spoonful of Nutella, canned whipped cream, a sprinkling of M&Ms and marshmallows.

Anyhow, I ran into a lot of "deep" writing prompts on Pinterest.  Prompts every freshman state college English major would be biting at the bit to write about.  This nag threw her saddle and spit out the bit long ago.  Certainly I'm entertained by writing about certain smells I don't know how enthralled you'd be if I went ahead and tried to write about the first smell I could remember.

So many directions to take first smells.  Obstetrician breath.  Hospital antiseptic.  Boobs.  A little brandy in your bottle.

Perhaps I should supply writing prompts of my own to all the aspiring housewife bloggers across the land.  Follow my lead girls!  Get your write on!

- Public diaper blowouts - which location deserves the mess and which location doesn't.

- Kitchen implement or adult toy - compare and contrast.

- When I finally get around to shaving my legs, I'll feel like a _______!

- Why eating boxed macaroni and cheese is good for a mother's soul.

- The life of a toilet seat in the kid's bathroom.

-  Pinterest makes me feel guilty, therefore I _________.

- This housewife has a secret...but who cares about that...why is her pie crust soggy?

Blogging gold, I'm telling you!
Oh, you read this far to get to a mug cake recipe?
Fine.  Buy one angelfood box cake mix.  Buy one devilfood  box cake mix.  Open and mix the contents together.  Store in a container.  To prepare, mix 3 tablespoons of combined mixes and 2 tablespoons water in mug, microwave for 1 minute.

I'm going to go search Pinterest for patterns for reusable and washable menstrual pads now. 

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