Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Can martyrs wear white today or not?

Did we all have a lovely Labor Day?  Was everyone's three day weekend satisfactory?

Mine was decent, thank you.  Bit of a brag...my county schedules their fair on the Friday before Labor Day...so all the little school children get that day off school in case they'd like to go see prize hogs and eat deep fried Twinkies.  We got four days worth of sitting on our butts and everyone else got three.  Neener.

Speaking of Twinkies...the box my husband hoarded on the day they went away almost a year ago got opened.  The Twinkies were all hard as rocks.  Obviously not good for eating but perfect for throwing missile style at bratty neighbor children.  I hope they ate them and got the trots.

Labor Day means many things to many people.  I don't know that it should go beyond the celebration of the steadfast  and honorable worker but it's a nebulous enough holiday to hijack.  Labor Day is good for shopping or grilling meats or professional football.

Labor Day has also been mommyjacked.

That is, I saw many fruity women about my social media outlets wishing other fruity women a happy Labor Day because all these fruity women had experienced childbirth.

Happy Labor Day!  How's your vagina?  Mine's done it's job!  Squee!

Almost 7 billion people on the planet and I'd presume that we all popped out of a female human being.  That's why we have birthdays and Mother's Day and Father's Day.  Reproduction is well represented and fruity women don't  need to co-opt a holiday that non-parents should be able to enjoy too.

Don't get me wrong here.  It's an awful special thing to endure hours of  excruciating contractions to eventually expel a miracle.  I've done it three times in a hospital without medication.  I've talked about my experiences with childbirth on hundreds of occasions, especially the part where I bit my mother during transition.  There is a video in my attic of me in the act, featuring a close up that isn't my face.

I just don't show that video on Labor Day.

I show it on Halloween.

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