Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Lots and lots and lots of tea party.

Yes, I'm still here.

Still sick.  Not too sick though.  Sorta sick.  I'm still battling with infection.

The ear infection I was suffering with is much better but taking it's time clearing up.  I had an awful reaction to the antibiotic and it's taken me more than a week to clear it out of my system completely.  I finally get my energy back and get my house cleaned, only to wake up at four in the morning with a burning in my bladder that probably made Satan a wee bit jealous.

Wee bit.  Ha!  That's funny right there!

I put up with this over the weekend because this type of medical goings gets treated during business hours.   I drank plenty of D-Mannose.  It's tasty and works great for most types of UTI, but apparently not so good with what's happening in my bladder.  My bladder has special and unique bacteria.

So I called my urologist yesterday.  I love him.  He cares about my urinary tract.  His office staff arranged for my local clinic to take my sample.  This is good.

Bad is, I have to wait another day or two for lab results to be prescribed yet another antibiotic.

As my urologist explained to me, what sometimes happens if you've been on one type of antibiotic that is good at wiping out some types of bacteria is that when it wears off, other types of bacteria feel it's their obligation to set up house and have millions of children.  The circle of microscopic life.  Hakuna Urethra.

I am really really really tired of taking pills.

In general I'm just tired.  Run down, though the infection isn't as bad as others I've had.  Maybe at this point my bladder knows that this is old hat and has resigned itself to a wait and see approach.

Because if it was going to take the whiny congressional approach a shut down is NOT an option.


  1. I feel ya, not literally mind you, and not in like six months but I feel you, in the bladder area, but not actually with my hands but with my empathetic feels. All the feels.

  2. Wait until you get old. We oldsters seem to always take a lot of pills. We support the pharmaceutical industry, at least the legal one. But I do hope the one your Doc prescribed for you did the trick. Or maybe you are now sicker as it has been awhile since you posted here. But not as long as me on my blog.


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