Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ducky go down da hole.

"Mom, the toilet is leaking."

There are worse statements that can come out of your children's mouths when their grandparents are coming to visit.  There could be vomiting.  There could be vomiting not in a toilet or other proper receptacle.  There could be vomiting and the internet could go down.

This is thinking glass half full, people.

So I went into the guest bathroom, where my fourteen year old son was cleaning, with a bowl to catch any drips while I got my toolbox.

"I don't think that's gonna work," he said and flushed the toilet to show me why.

Every ounce of that flush spread out from under the toilet base across the bathroom floor, rushing under the vanity and pooling up against the wall.

Glass half empty, that's a big leak.  Glass half full, the flush contained no vomit.

Being a handy sort, I figured I'd just pull up the toilet, replace the wax ring, and then bingo, a toilet that directs water into the sewer system properly.  Every parent wants their kids to have functional plumbing someday.  No parent wants to be in their grown child's bathroom wetting their shoes while they are visiting.

Up comes the toilet...

And then I had to pull up a few tiles...

And then I discovered that I should probably replace the whole vanity...

It was mushy down thar!

I'm not terribly upset.  It's okay that I'm faced with a leaking toilet and a couple of uneven tiles and crappy contractor grade cabinetry...because...yeehaw, it's home improvement time again!

I love my power tools.

You see my hammer?  I love my hammer.  I love my shop-vac.  I am going to love removing that countertop and sink and patching walls and painting and installing faucets!  I love plumber's putty and grout and primer.


Yeah, you knew where that was going.  I'm sorry.  I could not help myself.

That half glass of pun could go either way.

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